PCC Meetings Schedule

Meetings Schedule 2020-2021

Papers to the Secretary
no later than
Agenda & Papers CirculatedDate of Meeting
4th May 20215th May 202119th May 2021
6th July 20217th July 202121st July 2021
1st September 20212nd September 202115th September 2021
3rd November 20214th November 202117th November 2021
4th January 20225th January 202219th January 2022
1st March 20222nd March 202216th March 2022
APCM15th May 2022
3rd May 20224th May 202218th May 2022
5th July 20226th July 202220th July 2022
6th September 20227th September 202221st September 2022
1st November 20222nd November 202216th November 2022