Following the Annual Parochial Church Meeting, held on 11th October 2020, the PCC is made up as follows:

  • Ex officio Members
    • Priest-in-charge: Rev Amanda Evans, Chair
    • Churchwardens:
      • Judy Menage, Lay vice-chair
      • Simon Vincer
  • Elected Members (* = eligible for re-election)
    • Until 2021
      • Victoria O’Regan*, Gillian Riley*, John Savage* and Pauline Wakely
    • Until 2022
      • Pamela Cartwright, Jean England*, Libby Grubb* and Lesley Maddock*
    • Until 2023
      • Kay Deeming, Sian Gaston, Julie Munro and Maureen Raybold
  • Office Holders
    • Safeguarding Co-ordinator: Victoria O’Regan
    • Secretary: John Pickup (not a member of the PCC)
    • Treasurer: Judy Menage

Lay Members of the Deanery Synod

  • Lesley Maddock, Judy Menage, Julie Munro and Simon Vincer