Close to Home

June: Close to Home

For June's Close to Home segment we are turning our attention to the role of the creek and sea in our community and especially the businesses in our village linked to the water. Please join us in praying. #MylorLife #thykingdomcome

Thank you for the beautiful landscape that our community nestles in, thank you for the creek and the sea and that in their power and beauty we are reminded of you as a creator God. As the weather improves many of us will be taking opportunities to get out on the water in lots of different ways, we pray for safety and enjoyment for all.

Thank you that the water is not just something to be looked at or enjoyed for fun but also provides many with jobs. We pray for all those whose livelihoods are based on it, that in the middle of hard work and busyness you would meet with them and give them time to see and recognise your hand in the world around. Thank you Father for Mylor Yacht Harbour, Mylor Sailing & Powerboat School, Gaffers and Luggers, Cockwells, Westcountry Watersports, Mylor Chandlery and Rigging, Restronguet Sailing Club and many more. For the work that they all do in giving us access to the water.

For all of us we pray that in the midst of our daily lives the creek and sea would serve as reminders of your power and presence with us.


May: Close to Home

A new month means a new Close to Home.... For May we turn our attention to the young people in our community. Pleas join us in praying for them throughout the month #thykingdomcome #MylorLife

Thank you for all the young people who live in our villages. We pray that Mylor would be a safe place for them where they can enjoy growing up and also somewhere where through your church and Word they could meet you.

Thank you for the organisations such as Scouts and Girlguiding that provide activities and a sense of belonging. Would you bless both those who attend and those who lead, that they would enjoy times filled with fun and laughter.

This month in particular we ask for your peace and comfort for all the young people preparing for and sitting exams. Give them motivation and clarity of thought. But more importantly would they know that their identities are not based on academic success but in being your sons and daughters.



April: Close to Home

April is upon us already and therefore it is also time for a new Close to home. This month we are praying for the Parish Council and all those have the responsility of making decisions on a local level for our community. We would love you to commit to praying with us this month. #MylorLife #thykingdomcome

Father God,

Thank you for all those in our community who give their time and effort to the running of our parish. They use so much energy to pursue the best for this area. We ask that you would give them wisdom and understanding for difficult decisions but also renewed motivation and excitement about the power for good that they can be and the opportunities that they are given to shape this village.

Whilst we pray for the Parish Council and those in other important positions like our local MP Sarah Newton we also remember the place that we all have in this community and the opportunities we are all given to make it stronger, more inclusive and more loving. Would the church be able to serve the community well and as individuals would you give us the eyes to see where the talents you have given us can best be used.



March: Close to Home

A new month means it's time for a new Close to home... This month we are praying for all those involved in whatever way in farming in our community. Please join us now and through the month in giving thanks and praying.


Thank you that we live in such a beautiful place that also gives us food and so much more. Thank you that we can grow and produce things right on our doorstep.

Thank you for all those who work on the land around the parish, thank you for all their work and time. We pray that you would bless them and keep them safe as they work in what can so often be an area of demanding jobs and fine margins.

We also ask for all of us, that as we walk through or see the countryside and farm land in Mylor that we would be reminded that the same God who created it all also made and knows us.


February: Close to Home

It’s that time again so here is February’s Close to Home. For this segment we are focussing on the medical professionals and provision that we have in our village. Please join us in thanking God and praying for them.


Thank you that we are such a well-served village with the doctors and dentists at our disposal both in Mylor and nearby. Also we are grateful for all the people who live in our Parish and work in medicine in whatever way. Thank you for the time they spend caring for and using their knowledge to improve the lives of so many.

God, it’s also important that we remember how blessed we are to have easy access to medical help. Living in the country that we do it’s easy to forget that for so many across the world the right to medical is not part of their lives and seems an unattainable dream. Help us to see how fortunate we are to have them and to help those who don’t.

We know that for many using the doctors, dentists and hospitals in our local area comes at times of fear and pain. As your church would you give us opportunities to bring your love and peace into those situations in any way that we can.


January: Close to Home

For the first Close to Home of 2017 we are focussing our attention on the businesses in and run from Mylor. We would love you to join us in praying for, supporting and remembering how blessed we are to have them.


Thank you for how well equipped we are as a community with so many businesses for our different needs. It’s easy for us to take them for granted but we are grateful that we have such a variety on our doorstep and for how these businesses help to shape, support and really are part of the backbone of our village.

Lord thank you for all the people who work in and own the businesses and also those who run them from homes in our parish. We pray that you would watch over them and fill them with energy and excitement for everything the new year holds and that as customers and clients we would share your love.


December: Close to Home

Advent has begun and our attention is turning to Christmas and all the different activities and busyness that it involves. As Christians in the midst of the hustle and bustle we also try to carve out space to be still and remember that this is not just another holiday but rather when God became man and lived and died for us. With this in mind for this month’s Close to home we will be praying for the village Christmas both collective and individual.


Thank you for Christmas in Mylor, for the amazing sense of community that the lights, carols and many other events create and how they draw us all together. Thank you especially for all those who work tirelessly to ensure the smooth running and maximum enjoyment of all the different events. Would we remember not just to thank you for them and their work but also to thank them.

As the village prepares for Christmas would we as your people be able to clearly stand for and show a different side to Christmas. Far away from the shopping and stress would each of our lives demonstrate that the light of Christmas is not hanging from a tree, adorning our streets and cannot be bought, instead it is the light of the world through whom all things are changed and paid the price that matters.

Christmas focuses our attention on family and community. For many this is a joy and cause for celebration but for others this ushers in loneliness. God we pray that this Christmas our village would truly be inclusive, a place where nobody is left unspoken to or alone, a place where as one we celebrate what you did for us and share all we have.

Above all Father we ask that this Christmas would be filled with you and that no distractions or hindrances would move you from its centre.


November: Close to Home

November’s Close to Home focuses on the elderly in our community. Please join us in praying and also considering how best we can serve them as the Church and God’s people.

Lord God,

As winter draws in we turn our attention to the elderly in our community, particularly those who are suffering from loneliness and illness. We pray that we would be a community that cares for one another and we would be able to build relationships that help and support those who most need it.

Thank you God for the Lunch Club that runs from the Tremayne Hall, thank you for all the volunteers who keep it running and for all those who go. May they find time there for friendships and that especially those who are lonely would find comfort and chances to share their days together.

Father as a church would we be people who are caring and seeking opportunities to look after the elderly in Mylor. If there is anyone who is suffering alone for whatever reason would you show us so that we can play a part, however small, in their lives.



October: Close to Home

For our second edition of Close to Home we are focussing on praying for the pubs and restaurants in our community. Cafe Mylor, Cornwall, Castaways Wine Bar, The Pandora Inn, The Lemon Arms. Why not join us wherever you are in giving thanks and praying for the people who work in them, own them and visit them. #MylorLife #Thykingdomcome


Thank you for all the businesses in Mylor where we can eat and drink, socialise and rest. Thank you that they are places shared by our community and that from them we can enjoy beautiful surroundings.

Thank you Father for all those who work in these businesses, for the time and hard work that they dedicate to serving people and giving them enjoyment. We pray that they would know their value and that the work they do every day is seen and recognised.

We also pray for all those who visit the pubs and restaurants. We ask that for both locals and visitors they would be places of welcome, laughter and friendship, where people can enjoy their time and we can see our community thriving in common experiences and understand how much we are blessed to have all these places.


September: Close to Home

In this first instalment of Close to Home we are praying for Mylor School and Preschool and the Open the Book team from St Mylor as they visit the school with different Bible stories.


We thank you for the children in our community and the opportunities for education they have. Thank you for the teachers who work so hard to inspire and guide, would you give them energy and excitement for what this year will bring and the time to rest and be quiet after long weeks in the classroom.

We pray for all the children who have started new schools and classes this month, may they be finding their feet in new surroundings and finding their way in new challenges.

Thank you Father for the doors you have opened to allow the Open the Book team into the school regularly and that they are so well received. Thank you for the time they devote to this and we pray that as they tell stories of your character and actions both children and teachers would see you at the centre.

Lord you tell us to become more like children in our relationship with you, as we strive towards this may we also show the children in our community their value as your sons and daughters and how loved by you they are.